100 Doors Android – Door 81 Walkthrough | 100 Doors 81 | 100 Doors Walkthrough

Must WATCH video.

(This level is very buggy on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1)

1. Start on the top left, as shown in video.
2. TAP around to find the spot that makes
each ring rotate.
3. SET opening to top for each ring so red
ball drops to middle
4. SET opening for each ring to botton so
red ball drops out of center onto
green button

100 Doors Walkthrough
100 Doors Android
100 Doors Door 81
Level 81
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Version

100 Doors Walkthrough
100 Doors Cheats
100 Doors Answers
HD Walkthrough

Devices: Android Phones, Android Handheld, Android Tablets, Kindle Fire

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6 thoughts on “100 Doors Android – Door 81 Walkthrough | 100 Doors 81 | 100 Doors Walkthrough

  1. This level is buggy on the LG Dynamic too. Only the outer ring will turn. The red ball will drop to center but no other rings turn and I can’t get it to drop further.

  2. It doesn’t work on android lg optimus either. glad to know it’s. not just me. sad face. oh well. most levels on this game make NO SENSE whatsoever. I’ve had to look up walkthrough for just about EVERY level. the second 100 doors is much better. i hardly had to use walkthroughs.

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